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January 2016 marked an historical milestone for the ministry and our team in Chile. After several years of working to coordinate and plan a seminar for writers, the goal was finally reached! What a joy to see 7 people (myself included) learn how to write with creativity and effectiveness!

During the 4 day seminar, which was conducted by Mrs. Patricia Adrianzén from Lima, Perú, we covered topics such as the value of writing as a ministry. We looked at the reality of how very few Latin Americans have learned to sharpen their writing skills enough to be able to publish books, articles and tracts. The purpose of the seminar was introductory and foundational, and it clearly generated a hunger to use the power of the printed page for the cause of building Christ’s kingdom.

Mrs. Patricia Adrianzén, author and editor of Ediciones Verbo Vivo

Mrs. Patricia Adrianzén, author and editor of Ediciones Verbo Vivo

You can read about the seminar on the blog of the United States based organization that helped set up the seminar. Please follow this link: www.littworld.org.

Continue to pray for the Lord to raise up men and women committed to communicating God’s truth in Chile and Latin America in a way that reaches and touches lives for His glory.

By God’s grace, with much training and patience, not only will we see more unbelievers reached through the message transmitted in book and article form. But we can also enrich and strengthen believers in Chile and all of Spanish speaking Latin America with tools, books and materials that speak directly to their culture and their mindset with the life changing truth of the Gospel! This is still an undeveloped element in the work of church planting and church development. We are working to see Editorial Crece help change that!

David L. Rogers, M.A.Min.
Santiago, Chile


Students who took the Creative Writing Seminar in January 2016

Students who took the Creative Writing Seminar in January 2016

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