Mercy Killing Increasing in Europe

Can you believe it? A society that is supposed to defend the defenseless (as with the handicapped) and protect the innocent (ex. animals) and nurture the weak (for instance the sick and the terminally ill) now defends mercy killing. See this FACTUAL SOURCE:

If you visited the link above for, you will notice something here. All but two are European countries. Meaning…? Those countries leading the world in economics and medicine are also those with the least amount of hope and or belief in the ability of money or science to SAVE people, to SAVE LIFE. Merely looking at statistics we can see the the conviction that live is worth saving has no direct relationship with wealth or education. Again, these European countries are among the richest and most educated in the world. Exempting the fact that Canada is every bit as secularized and humanistic in its belief system (Canada also approves PAS), this startling fact of those countries that allow euthanasia and Physician assisted suicide (PAS) shows the depths of the despair and the disdain for human life.

May the United States of America finally make a difference now that the Supreme Court has on the bench a judge who understands life related issues from a dignified view of human life and who understands that one’s own opinion of what is “convenient” and what is “expedient” does NOT validate determining end of life issues. Life is a constitutional RIGHT. No one can take that away from me…not EVEN myself.

The decision is not about “liberal” vs. “conservative,” but simply about preciousness of life versus “individualism.” I hope that the USA doesn’t follow the nihilism of Nietzsche, lest sooner, rather than later, the world become populated by “the last man” (as he called the desperate, immoral and aimless human beings).

The LAST MAN will be those who know NO VALUES of any kind, which will enable them to dispose of, treat as useless and dispose of anyone, anything and any idea that does not meet popular approval.

THINK ABOUT IT on Nov. 8th as you vote.

David L. Rogers, M.A.Min.

About David Rogers, Magister en Artes

Este blog nace de una profunda gratitud al Autor de la vida, al eterno "YO Soy," quien me dio todo lo que tengo y lo que soy. Sin El, nada sería. Pero como no todos en el mundo han llegado a conocerle, también procuro dar una razón por la fe que tengo. Es una razón no basada en emociones ni en la intuición o el esperar algo mejor. Sino la razón está fundamenta en la verdad eterna, que no es incambiable y que es defensible, la verdad de Dios, el Creador y Sustentador de este mundo. ** Para los que se dedican a las credenciales, aquí están las de este autor, profesor, y misionero: 35 años viviendo en un país adoptivo, 39 años esposo de una misma dama, padre de 4 hijos destacados, abuelo de 4 tiernos nietos, amigo y compañero de colaboradores que han visto mis fallas y aun me llaman su amigo. ENGLISH: This blog is born of deep gratitude to the Author of life, to the eternal "I Am," who gave me everything I have and what I am. Without Him, nothing would be. But as not everyone in the world has come to know him, I also try to give a reason for the faith I have. It is a reason not based on emotions or intuition or expecting something better. But the reason is based on the eternal truth, which is not unchanging and is defensible, the truth of God, the Creator and Sustainer of this world.   ** For those who are dedicated to credentials, here are those of this author, profesor, and missionary: 35 years living in an adoptive country, 39 years husband of the same lady, father of 4 outstanding children, grandfather of 4 sweet grandchildren, friend and partner of collaborators who have seen my failures and still call me their friend.
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