Pardon My Directness…

Recently, while talking with some people at a church in New Jersey, I was interested to know if they had ever read a book on missions. That includes biographies, history or just a general informational book about the work of missions. I was surprised to hear that these folks had yet to read ANYTHING about the work of missions! And they have been members of a church for over 20 years.

As Christians do we read about this subject? I would like to know what you, our reader and  blog enthusiast, have read about missions. Please take a few seconds and answer the question in our simple poll above. I would like to know what the average Church-goer has read in area of missions, missiology, or the work of missions.

I think the results might prompt a healthy self-examination of what we are thinking about a Christians today. After all, many of us would admit that we need to be aware of what God is doing around the world. And we would at least nod our heads to the value of the lessons learned through the lives of missionaries, both past and present. Let’s see what priority global outreach and spread of the Gospel has in our reading!

After this poll has been up a few weeks, I will post some books I have read and would suggest you read too!

Thanks for taking part.

David L. Rogers

About Pastor David Rogers

This blog consists primarily of the meditations and studies of Pastor David Rogers. Other contributors will be identified when they submit articles. Pastor David has been serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Chile for 32 years, in cooperation with ABWE - Chile. Presently Pastor David is a Missionary Pastor of the "New Life Baptist Church." He has been a professor for 34 years in the "Baptist Bible Theological Faculty" of Santiago, Chile. Este blog es principalmente las meditaciones y los estudios del Pastor David Rogers. Otros contribuyentes serán identificados cuando aporten articulos y estudios. Pastor David lleva 34 años sirviendo al Señor en Chile, y colabora con la agencia misionera ABEM-Chile. En la actualidad es Pastor-misionero en la Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva. Ha sido profesor por 33 años en la Facultad Teológica Bíblica Bautista, ubicada en Santiago, Chile.
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